4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Under the Beds Cleaning

Spring cleaning continues at our house, or should I say organizing? Well really,  it’s a little of both. I’m joining in with Crystal from Money Saving Mom to organize my home. If you want to follow along be sure to grab Crystal’s free ebook.

Day one of the more organized home challenge

Today, I decided to do the complete list of the challenge. I’ve been able to keep up all week, I’m not sure if I will be able to do all the tasks each day of the challenge. My goal is to get at least the shortened version done each day.

Here’s the tasks for today,

  • Get dressed.
  • Make a to do list of 5-7 items to accomplish today.
  • Complete your Morning Routine
  • Set a Timer for 15 minutes and do a quick clean of the bathroom.
  • Find 7 items to get rid of today.
  • Clean the under the beds and furniture.

The first three are things I do each day anyway, so those tasks were easy for me to get done. Here’s how the rest of my tasks went along with the before and after photos,

Bathroom Quick Clean

I just cleaned the bathroom two days ago,  it still looked good. I just needed to wipe off the mirror to remove the toothpaste splatter on it. It’s amazing how quickly the mirror gets dirty.

Under the Beds

My daughter helped me with this task. She took everything out for under her bed so I could dust and vacuum. There was a lot of dust under there. Maybe I need to consider cleaning under the beds more than twice a year.

She also went through the items under her bed and decided to donate a few games and books she isn’t using anymore. While she was finishing up her room, I went to work on the master bedroom.

Dust Bunnies from under the bed

We have a platform bed with a drawers underneath it. You would think it would stay fairly clean under there, but today I found a bunch of dust bunnies. I had to take out the drawers to be able to clean and our cat decided to help. I should have tied a dust rag to her tail and she could have helped me clean.

While the cat was playing I dusted and vacuumed under the bed. It was so dusty. I also went through our clothes while I had the drawers out and found some items we no longer need or use. Under our bed is once more dust bunny free.

Purged Items

Purge Items

My daughter had some games, a craft kit and books to give away. I found a few items of clothing that I don’t need or use so they went into our purge pile too.

What cleaning task did you take on today?


Tomorrow, I’ll be cleaning my couch and taking some time to do something I love to do.


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Under the Beds Cleaning”

  1. Tanya M @ Mom's Small Victories

    Sounds like a great and productive day. I had to do my full bathroom clean yesterday so that zapped my energy. Great job on the challenge.

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