4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Clean those Vents

We had a great weekend. I hope you did too. Are you ready for more cleaning this week? This is the last week of the challenge. If you want to follow along for the rest of the challenge, be sure to grab Crystal’s free ebook.

Day one of the more organized home challenge

Today, I did the complete list of the challenge. I’m not sure if I will be able to do all the tasks each day of the challenge, but my goal is to get at least the shortened version done each day.

Here’s the tasks for today,

  • Get dressed.
  • Make a to do list of 5-7 items to accomplish today.
  • Complete your Morning Routine
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and do a quick pick up
  • Clean your Vents

The first three are things I do each day already, so those tasks were easy for me to get done. Here’s how the rest of my tasks went along with the  photos,

Quick Pick Up

There was quite a bit of toys laying around the living room today.

Our living room was a little messy. Lots of toys and a few paper pieces lying around. Along with the Sunday paper that hadn’t been picked up.

Now that looks so much better after the quick clean up.

But only after a few minutes of cleaning it looks so much better. Never underestimate how much you can improve the look of  a room in just a few minutes.

Vent Vacuuming

I usually clean our heating vents out once a month. Well, at least most of them. The vent in the photo is our kitchen vent. I think it gets dirty the fastest, since it’s located right near the table, the crumbs fall right in.

This vent really needed to be cleaned. How often do you clean your vents?

I cleaned all the vents but I only took the photo of this one since it was the worst. It looks so much better now. I think I need to clean the kitchen vent out once a week. Yuck!

7 Purged Items

Paper items and a few other things were purged today.

As I was doing the quick pick up in the living room I found a bunch of items stuffed under the bench. Little bits of paper, an eraser that had fallen off a pencil, a few envelopes and a bit of yarn. Just a few items that should have made it was to the trash but didn’t. They made it today.

 On Tuesday, I’ll be doing a quick bathroom cleaning and reorganizing my pantry.

When’s the last time you cleaned your vents?


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