Slow Down Challenge, Day 1 Stop and Smell the Roses

I just purchased the book The In Between by Jeff Goins (affiliate link). He has a five-day  slow down challenge going. Since I am a person who just doesn’t slow down very well, at least not until I collapse at times. I thought this challenge would be a good one for me. So this week I am following along with Crystal at Money Saving Mom to do the challenge. If you want to join in too you can sign up for the free Slow Down Challenge email list .

For day one, which was yesterday, it was a day to slow down and smell the roses. So many times we just rush right through our day from one task to the next. Never really taking time for those around us or to stop and take in the everyday beauty we have in our lives. Jeff suggested to take a 15 minute walk and just take a look at what catches your eye. Then to record what you noticed and make a list (I took a few pictures as we went through the day today). Then as you look through your list, stop and say a quick thank you for each one. You can read his post.

Here’s a few things I recorded today as I was slowing down to take it all in,

Game We Made

I took the time today to make a board game with the kids and we all had a great time playing it. I’m so thankful to have happy kids.

Tea Rose

While we were playing the game, I noticed our rose-bush I can see from the dinning room. It’s blooms aren’t the most beautiful as it is a tea rose and the rain usually ruins them before they can fully bloom but the smell is so intoxicating. This rose is by far the most fragrant rose we have in our yard. I will often remove the flowers petals that are dying away and bring them into the house as they can fill the room with the scent of roses for days.

Garden Harvest for August

As I went out to get the mail, I also noticed our garden. This small garden had yielded us a good amount of food each year for the past 14 years. I am so thankful we can grow our own food.

Slowing down is not something I am good at. But this challenge today really helped me to enjoy the beauty and the love I have right here at home.

What is something you noticed today as you slowed down?


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