Slow Down Challenge, Day 4 Please Interrupt

I think this day is a day in the Slow Down Challenge that really was written for me. I don’t like interruptions, I like to do my task at hand and keep going on about my day the way I have it planned. But I know I really need to be a little more flexible.


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Because I realize I like to be in control of my day. Which I guess isn’t really all that bad, but sometimes life doesn’t fit what I have planned. Sometimes there is someone who needs me to listen, a little one who needs me to hold them just because, an older child who needs my assistance with a project.

Now I realize I am one who likes to stick to my plan for the day  and have been working to really not get upset, when things don’t go the way I had planned or when there is an interruption. Because some of my best memories are days where I let the schedule go and did what the day brought me.

Let me tell you I have never had a load of laundry complain about waiting one more day, the clutter in the corner hasn’t ever cried out in protest. And I don’t think it every will. So try to let go a little and embrace those interruptions that come your way.

Today’s Challenge Let Go,

What if we decided to plan on interruptions in our day? What if we counted on them happening and we decided ahead of time just how we would react? Wouldn’t that work out well?

First, decide what you will do when you are interrupted? How will you react?

Second, plan for interruptions and set aside time for them in your schedule.

Finally, when an interruption occurs welcome it in. Don’t be annoyed, but embrace the chance to experience the moment and grow a little too.

How Today’s Challenge Went for Me

Today challenge was really fitting to my day. I had lots I wanted to get done but I just didn’t make too much progress, because I had a friend call just to talk (a very nice and unexpected interruption), my kids needed my help more than usual today. But in the end I was ok with it all. Most likely because I had already planned for the interruptions.

I think if this day had happened on any other day I would have been disappointed at not getting much accomplished. Since I had already planned to be ready for the interruptions it was easier to let the other things go for another day.

Did you experience lots of interruptions today? How did you handle them?


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  1. I like the idea of planning for interruptions, because after all, they are inevitable, right? I think if I faced each day like that, the interruptions would feel more like adventures, something out of the ordinary, a cure for the tedium of everyday life. Great post!

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