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Slow Down Challenge, Day 5 The Discipline of Gratitude

Are you thankful for all the little things in your life? It’s so easy to be thankful for the big stuff. But what about the beautiful sunset in the sky or someone holding the door for you? Sometimes when our lives become one big blur we stop being thankful for the little things.



When we are busy we take for granted the little things. We start to expect they should be done, instead of being thankful they are done. I try really hard to take the time to thank others for all that they do for me.

From the cashier in the store to my kids doing their chores, I try to remember to say thank you to all of them. Even though the tasks they are performing are expected of them, it is always good show gratitude for their work.

Today’s Challenge, Say Thank You

Be thankful for everything, the good and the bad. Yes, even bad things can have good in them. Those bad situations can teach us and help us to grow. Be sure to actually speak the word, put a voice to your thoughts of gratitude. You never know when you may make someone else’s day with just a simple thank you.

How the challenge went for me today,

I didn’t have too much opportunity to say thank you today, since we didn’t even leave the house. But I was able to tell my kids thank you quite a few times, for the help they gave me. I hope you had a very thankful day. 🙂


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