Snow At Our House Today


We woke to snow on the ground here today. It was a nice surprise as we don’t normally have snow this late. Well we don’t get much snow here at all especially the last two years. So when we get even a little it is nice to see. We had some on our grass and trees and just makes everything look so nice. The sun is out now and it will all be melting soon. Hope you all have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Snow At Our House Today”

  1. Hi Shelly!

    We live in Illinois, and we usually get PLENTY of snow. Not this year, though! 🙂 My kids were a little bummed out, but my husband and I enjoyed not having to drive in it. It’s supposed to me in the 70s for the next week!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about the WordPress Web Design for Dummies book. I thought it was a great book, but it IS very code heavy in chapters 11-13. There’s lots of PHP, HTML, and CSS.

    Because those chapters were so code heavy, I ended up reading some of the later chapters to break things up before I finished the code heavy chapters.

    This book is not for beginners to WordPress, but it still has lots of great information and I think you would find it very useful, even if you decided to skip the chapters with lots of code. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sandra,
      I will be picking it up at the library this weekend. I will look through it. I don’t know if I am really ready to mess around too much with php, html and css yet. My theme I run now lets me change things easily without having to mess around in the editor which makes it nice especially when I had to update since I don’t know how to make a child theme yet. Thanks for letting me know

  2. What a nice surprise! We haven’t had any snow this year, but I’m not too sad about it. I had enough about 2 years ago with 2 back to back blizzards that left us in our house for a week straight. That was a little scary, not knowing if we would have power or be able to get anything at the grocery store.

    1. About 3 years ago we had so much snow we had drifts up to our sliding glass door. Our bird bath was fully covered and we had to make a path out to our wood shed to get our firewood for our wood stove. It was very unusual for us here. But we do love to get a little snow each year.

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