Still No New Washer

I was really hoping to have my new washer this week. Unfortunately, my washer never got on the truck to be delivered from the out of town warehouse. My new washer will not be in town until Feb. 13. I could not believe it. My husband and myself actually waited an extra day to make sure we could get it in a week.

The salesman who sold us the washer was also upset. He knew we really needed it as our old washer was broken and we weren’t just replacing an older working one. It was really nice when he offered to bring us out a used washer that was working for us to use while we are waiting on the new one. We have a washer to use which I am very thankful for. Although my kids got to see how to wash a load of laundry in a utility sink. Something they had not seen before as most of our items are washed in our machine.

I used to watch my grandma wash many of her items by hand on one of those old washing boards. I actually used one when I was young to help her. I was glad I knew how to wash clothes by hand and wished I had one of the old wash boards.

It also brought back great memories of my grandma and I was able to share those with my children. My kids now are prepared a little to actually be able to wash by hand if they ever need to. You never know what a missed shipping date can bring into your home. For us it brought a washing by hand lesson and some fond memories.

Somedays I just want everything to go just right. But God had other plans for our home and I am so glad He did.

What is something you can share with your kids that they don’t know about a loved one of yours?

1 thought on “Still No New Washer”

  1. Oh no…hope your washer comes soon!

    I love that you made such a sweet memory with your kids while washing the clothes by hand 🙂 It’s those little things that really stay with you as you get older! I wish my kids could have known my grandmother…she taught me so many things and I loved her so much…even named my daughter after her 🙂

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