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Homemaking is a hard job to have. There’s always lots to do and it can sometimes be a thankless job. But you don’t have to take it all on by yourself. Here’s some inspiration, motivation, encouragement and helps for the hardest job I’ve ever had, being a homemaker.


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31 Days of Homemaking Helps


The 31 days of Homemaking series is a combination of homemaking helps and encouragement all rolled up into 31 days. I hope it will encourage and inspire you.


In 30 days you too can be an early to rise person


If you need help getting motivated to get up early and taking charge of your day. Try my Early to Rise Challenge or the Make the Most of Your  Mornings series. I’m sure they will encourage you to get your day started right.


30 Day House Cleaning Banner


If you need some help getting and keep your home clean and organized. I have a few challenges for you to take on. There’s the 30 day House Cleaning Challenge, it’s little task you can do each day of the month to keep or get your house into great shape. Or try the 3 weeks to a cleaner home series for a shorter challenge.


Day one of the more organized home challenge

Need to get your house more organized or purge some items that have just been hanging around. Try the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series, the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home simplified or Clutter Busting Challenge. Both will help you get motivated to get more organized.


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