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Do you want to start getting up early?

Here’s my posts on that very subject as I read through the book Early to Rise. I was really surprised on how much I enjoyed having some quiet time to myself each morning. You can make a change it is within your reach it all starts with just one decision each morning to get up and get moving.

Early to Rise Intro
Early to Rise Day 1..Mindset
Early to Rise Challenge…Take Control
Early to Rise Challenge..Some Days Will Be a Challenge
Early to Rise Challenge…Attitude Adjustment
Early to Rise Challenge…Building Habits
Early to Rise Challenge…Create Something
Early to Rise Challenge…Weekend Catch Up and Changing the World
Early to Rise Challenge..Be Different
Early to Rise Challenge..Be a Blessing
Early to Rise Challenge..Motivation
Early to Rise Challenge.. Don’t Let the Past Dictate Today
Early to Rise Challenge..Building One Decision at a Time
Early to Rise Challenge..Take Control of Your Day
Early to Rise Challenge..Quiet
Early to Rise Challenge..Smile
Early to Rise Challenge..Grab a Partner
Early to Rise Challenge..Share with Someone
Early to Rise Challenge..Don’t Be Normal
Early to Rise Challenge..Change Your Mind
Early to Rise Challenge..Prayer
Early to Rise Challenge..Don’t Be Average

2 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge”

  1. Thank you for stopping by.

    I’m enjoying reading your site. I like your give freely on your header. I am working on giving freely. As we are saving money we have found that we have a little more to give to others. One day I hope to be able to give more and more.


    ernestmartinjr.com and my wife’s blog lindalmartin.com

    1. Thanks Ernest for stopping by. I just found your site from the Early to Rise challenge. I hope you have a great week and you progress in your weight loss. I will be checking in to see how things go for you.

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