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Early to Rise Challenge..Share With Someone

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Share with Someone Today

This is the last week of this challenge and I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed getting up early. By getting up early I have been able to workout each morning before my day starts. I have also found it is so nice to be up in the quiet of the house to just relax and be.

I really like that when I take a little time for myself each morning I really have more to share with others. For today Andy suggests sharing with others that you have been getting up early. I have really enjoyed sharing this journey with all of you who read here.

I know that there has been many mornings I could have stayed in bed and waited until later to get up. But I knew I would be sharing my wake up time here, so all of you have really helped me be accountable in this journey. Thanks so much for reading the thoughts I have jotted down each morning.

So if you are on this path of getting up early don’t keep it all to yourself. Take time today to share with someone about it today. Not only could you possible encourage them in getting up early but you can also help to keep yourself accountable.

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Who will you share with today?


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