Early To Rise Challenge Day 1…Mindset

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Mindset Becomes Momentum, Momentum Becomes Change

Do you have a mindset of I just can’t get up early? As I was reading day 1 of Early to Rise, I was immediately ¬†encouraged that I could become an early riser myself by just changing my mindset. Changing my perspective of how I think can make a world of difference. Which in turn can build momentum until finally you have made a change.

So how to start? By making one small decision to just get up when the alarm goes off and put feet to the floor then stand up. Doesn’t sound hard at all. So today that is what I did. I just got up. I just did it. No excuse for how cold the house would be or how tired I really was. I just got up.

It was wonderful this morning being up all by myself. As I am writing this I can hear the rush of air from the furnace warming the house. The warmth slowly filling the room I am in. The quietness of the house. I am so thrilled I decided to put my feet to the floor and get up early today.

My awake time today was 7 am but I actually got up at 6:30. 

How did you do with being an early riser today? Where you able shake off the sleep and climb from bed when the alarm went off?


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