Early to Rise Challenge…Don’t Be Normal

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Normal Isn’t for Everyone

Joining this challenge really pushed me against my normal. My normal was to get up about 10 minutes before my day was in full swing and just get swept along with the chaos of the day. I think I was pretty normal. Meaning I was like pretty much like everyone else. Sleep, jump out of bed and into the day and then fall back into bed at the end of it all.

But why be normal? Why not strive for something more? Do more, be more, learn more and create more. But you will have to go against your norm to do this. I have had to strived against my normal. I have had to so many days push myself to get out of bed and just start moving. I have so many times thought only a few more minutes of rest then I will get up. It hard going against your normal.

To make changes will require sacrifices to be made. Without sacrifice you can’t really change. Your normal will just stay the same without sacrifice. To change you need to do something you have never done before, something different. Something that isn’t normal to you. But if I can strive against my norm and change I know you can too.

It starts with just one day and one decision to get up and start moving. Then you are on your way.

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