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Early to Rise Challenge…Quiet

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Quiet, that is the first thing I noticed on the first day of this challenge. When I was the only one up in the morning the silence was so loud. There was no noise in the house, none except the air rushing through the vents to warm the room.

Some people don’t like silence. They need a radio on or something making noise. I used to be like that myself. I couldn’t fall asleep without music on. I would listen to talk radio while making dinner or cleaning. I needed the noise.

But since I started this challenge I crave the quiet of the morning. It is something that I didn’t know I was missing until I experienced the calm that a little quiet time can bring to me. It is so nice to be able to sit and hear myself think. In the quiet of the morning I can just be I don’t have to do. It is so nice.

I enter into my quiet time at,

Wednesday Time

Do you take time to enjoy some quiet each day?



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2 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge…Quiet”

  1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your quiet time, Shelly. That is great! I haven’t been doing a great job of going to bed and getting up early lately. I did get up early today, but had to rush out of the house because my son had a doctor’s appointment.

    I’m hoping to set my alarm and try again for tomorrow. 🙂

    1. You can do it Sandra. I have found it really does help to get to bed on time to be able to get up on time. I know a few nights I stayed up late and it did make it hard to get up. I hope tomorrow you will be able to get up with your alarm and enjoy some quiet time before your kids are up. 🙂

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