Early to Rise Challenge…Attitude Adjustment

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 Dealing with Interruptions

I have been very fortunate to not be interrupted during my time in the morning. But I know it is just a matter of time before it happens, an interruption that is. This gives me the opportunity to plan for an interruption from my kids so I can greet them with an attitude that is warm and inviting. Instead of being upset and feeling short-changed.

My interruption came just after I had gotten to sleep last night. I was jarred awake by my son coughing. I sprang out of bed at 11 pm to see if he was alright. I told him “I’ll get you some water” and after stumbling downstairs half awake, I retrieved some water. I brought it to my son only to find he was back asleep. I guess I didn’t need to spring out of bed so fast.

After I sat down the water on his dresser and started to leave his room. I felt the need to turn around. You know the feeling a mom gets when something has changed. I looked and my son was sitting up waiting for a drink. He took a drink and I tucked him back in and gave him a kiss.

I went back to bed and tried to get right back to sleep. But now I was wide awake. In the past I would have gotten upset at this sleep interruption. I don’t do well with a lack of sleep, I am short and not pleasant to be around when I haven’t had enough sleep. I was surprised by my own response to be content and know I will get back to sleep quickly. That must be what happened because the next time I was awake was at 4:11 am. While for a second, I pondered the though about getting out of bed and starting my day I decided to sleep until the alarm.

This morning I climbed out of bed at

Alarm Clock Day 6

How did your morning go? Where you able to get up on time?



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6 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge…Attitude Adjustment”

  1. Hi Shelly! I’m glad all your son needed was a drink of water at night and he was okay. 🙂 I woke up around the same time today (central time that is – lol), and I got out of bed just before 6:30am. I REALLY wanted to stay in bed, but I made myself get up and I got some work done!

    1. Great job Sandra, I know you have mentioned that you are not really a morning person. So great job on pushing yourself to get up and get some work done. 🙂

  2. Our alarm went off at 6 a.m., as usual. With the snow we were expecting, we checked the school and work hotlines and found that everything was closed for the day. So we just stayed snuggling in bed and turned on the news. The kids came in at around 6:45, which is early for them. We just had a leisurely breakfast and have just been staying inside.

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