Early to Rise Challenge…Weekend Catch Up and Changing the World

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 Changing the World

I’m playing catch up from over the weekend. I read through three days today as I took the weekend off. I like how in day 9, Andy address the real goal of this challenge is a better you and me. I also like that he said not to be legalistic as that is something I can do myself. Sometimes we all need a little grace and breathing room.

For day ten I liked that Andy talked about morning being the best time for ideas. When the day is fresh and my mind is rested I am more able to think clearly. I like how he said, your ideas will be up dark and early tomorrow, be there to greet them. Where you there to greet your ideas this morning?

Now onto today, do you think you can change the world? If you don’t it’s time to start believing that very thing. When you get up early to take care of yourself and fill yourself up you have more to give to others. I know years ago my friend who has six kids told me once, you need to take time to fill yourself up each day. If you don’t fill yourself up each day how will you have anything to give to others.

This is so true. When I am feeling more rested and have had some quiet time, I can greet my day with a better attitude, even if things don’t go quite as well as I planned. Make sure you are filling yourself up each day so you have enough to give to others.

Do something special for your spouse, kids or a stranger today. Pay it forward in someway today, because since you took time to full yourself up you will have something to give. Even if it is just a smile, a hug or a helping hand.

This morning was a hard morning and I begrudgingly got out of bed at,

Monday Wake Up Time


It was a rough morning as I am still adjusting to the time change. When my alarm went off and it was so very dark outside I just didn’t want to get up. Remind me again why we have to do this time change.


Did you take the time to fill yourself up today with some quiet time?


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4 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge…Weekend Catch Up and Changing the World”

  1. Thanks for the article. I am enjoying reading the book along with everyone. It is a HUGE challenge for me to start getting up early.

    1. Anna, thanks for stopping by. I am enjoying the too. I have been trying for a long time to get up a little early and this book was just the motivation I needed.

  2. I was up a bit latter than you, but my weekends are very long so I am just gonna allow for that on Mondays, I did have some time to myself though before my son woke!

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