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I have found this wonderful thing called quiet in the morning when I get up early. Something that had been missing from my life for a while now. This quiet has been a real blessing to me. Letting me get more done, feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

I am slowly getting into a regular schedule adjusting to the time change was a bump in the road but it is slowly passing now. Things are starting to fall into place. So now as I read Early to Rise there is a challenge to be a blessing to others on day thirteen, today. So I will be working on writing down 100 items of ways I can be a blessing to my family, friends and others. Things that can help me change my world for the better.

So are you with me? Can you write down 100 ways to bless others. Here are a few I have come up with so far.

Send an email to a friend letting them know how great they are.
Helping my husband with a project even if it means just holding a flashlight or standing by him to keep him company.
Play a game with my kids.
Hurry ahead to open a door for another person at the store.
Take a shopping cart back for someone when it is raining.
Greet each person I see with a smile.
Purchase groceries for someone in need.
Make a special breakfast my kids pick out.

That is my start on my list. What is something you would put on your list of 100 ways to bless someone else?

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4 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge…Be a Blessing”

  1. I made a list for my grandmother once of ways to bless others without leaving your house. some include buying pizza for someone that just had a baby our can’t leave the house. knitting a scarf or blanket for someone who is cold. calling an old friend, writing letters to family members, watching kids while their parents have a date, being a blessing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive it can be as simple as listening to an older person who wants to tell you stories

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