Early to Rise Challenge…Building Habits

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I know it takes time to change. To make a new habit takes time and consistency. When I started this challenge I really wasn’t sure I was going to like getting up earlier than I already did. I already had a habit, a plan for each morning. Why change it?

But from that first morning when I realized the peace I can start my day with, I was hooked. While I am building this habit, I don’t have to think about 10 or 20 days from now. The only time that matters is the present day. Will I meet the challenge and get up and put my feet to the floor today? Or will I snuggle back into bed, is the only decision I need to make.

I think that is where I have gone wrong with building other habits. I just start to think and worry about too many things off in the future instead of concentrating on the here and now. Today I made the decision to get up with the alarm.

The time I stumbled out of bed was,

Wake Up Time Thursday


What  habit you are working on developing in your life? If you are working on getting up earlier what time did you get up today?


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