Early to Rise Challenge..Don’t Be Average

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 Don’t Be Average

It easy to go with the flow, it is hard to be different. To be different takes commitment, effort, sacrifice and persistence. You don’t change overnight but overtime. Some of the days are harder than others and on those hard days is where your true strength is revealed.

You can settle and be an average person with an average life. Or you can show up and work hard each morning striving for something more, something great. It is all within your reach. You get to decide.

This is the last day of the challenge and I have to say I will miss it. I have so enjoyed sharing my thoughts each day on each day’s reading. I have also enjoyed the accountability of all of you who have been reading these posts. It has really encouraged me.

So now here is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Will you and I continue to get up early and strive to be more than average? To do great things and change our world? I know the answer for me is yes. I hope you will continue too. I would hate to have the world miss out on what you have to offer. Keep striving and working, dont’ be average.

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4 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge..Don’t Be Average”

  1. Awesome! Keep going! I started the challenge last week, and it has been up and down. I press on! I know it’s what I need to do, and I appreciate it so much when I am able to get up early. Blessings!

    1. Lisa, I hope you are successful with getting up early each day. I know some days are harder to get up and get going but I know you can do it. I wish you the best with the challenge.

  2. This is a great last post to this challenge, Shelly! I’ll miss your Early to Rise posts now that the challenge is over, but I’m glad that you have made a huge positive change to your days by getting up early. 🙂

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