How to Stick to Your Goals to Achieve Them

Inside: 7 tips that can help you stick to your goals and achieve them. These tips worked for me and I’m sure they can help you too.

It easy to set goals and it’s easy to stick with them when things are going well. But what if the progress is slow? These tips can show you how to stick with your goals so you can achieve them.

Sticking with your goals or new year’s resolutions can be tough. You start out strong and then interest fades or you don’t make the progress you would like and soon those goals that were so important are just a distant memory. Don’t let that happen this year. Use these 7 tips to help you stick to your goals and achieve them. I know #7 was the key for me this past year, which one will help you the most?

Do you set goals each year? I started setting goals about 4 years ago. But at times I still struggled to achieve them. I really didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I would start out strong and then my enthusiasm would start to go. Then the goals would fall by the wayside.

If that sounds like what happens to you, you are not alone. I want to help. I’m sharing a few tips that have helped me over the past year to stick to my goals and achieve many of them. I’m sure they can help you too.

7 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Goals and Achieve Them

1. Find your personality. Take the test and see what personality you are and find your strengths and weakness. I know it was a really helped me.

2. Write Your Goals Down. Putting them down in black and white can help you cement your promise to follow through on your goals. Don’t just keep them in your head, write them down.

3. Look at Your Goals Every Day. Take a look at your goal list each day. It only takes a moment or two but can help keep them in the front of your mind and keep you focused on them.

4. Make Your Plan. Goals can seem so big and feel impossible to achieve. But when you break them down into easily achievable steps you can achieve those big goals one tiny step at a time.

If you struggle to achieve your goals you are not alone. I struggled for a long time just trying to get them done until I discovered 7 steps that really help me to achieve my goals. I have to say that the 4th step is where I get caught up the most.

5. Start. Don’t let planning keep you from doing. Once you have your first step planned out, take it. Then figure out your next step and keep on going towards your goal.

6. Know Why Your Goal is Important. Your enthusiasm is going to lessen and that is when it’s easy to give up on a goal. Don’t let that happen. Know why you want to achieve this goal and cling to that when times get hard or tough and you want to give up.

7. Find Accountability. For some people, like myself, having someone to be accountable to other than myself has made a world of difference in how much I’ve been able to achieve. If you know you often don’t keep your promises to yourself, find someone to help keep you going and accountable to the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Show Notes:

Personality Test
Habits Test 
Homemaking Planner,  a few different goal planning sheet and more to help you get organized for the new year.

If you have trouble reaching your goals, what has been your biggest obstacle? Do you think these tips might help?

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