5 Tips to Change Your Life for the Better

If you want things to change, then you have to change. Change happens when you decide things need to change. It’s up to you to change your life. 

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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday things. To drift from one thing to another. Hoping tomorrow will be different.

But no one is coming to your house to help. You have to want to change. You have to take action to change. And you have to be committed to change.

Be intentional with your life and make the change you want to happen, happen.

In today’s podcast, I’m talking about the process I’ve gone through to start and keep making changes. I’m still not there but I haven’t given up.

And really most successes are more about persistence than being the best. That is my aim to be persistent until I reach my goal.

I hope this podcast can help you make a change you’ve been dreaming about but for whatever reason you haven’t been able to take the action and make the change you want.

Have a listen below…

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5 Tips to Change Your Life for the Better

Today’s podcast is a little different. And today we will talk about being more intentional with your life.

It’s easy to keep going with the status quo. Each day has its own things to do, places to go and meals to make. But all those days can blur together. You look up and a year or more has passed.

You wonder what has happened. You lived through that year but it was more like existing rather than living.

Sure there were highlights of wonderful things and not so wonderful things but it was blah, same old, same old days all strung together.

And it makes you wonder if you want something different, something more.

And the thing is you can, but not where you are now. You need to make a change.

If you keep doing the same things you will get more of the same. Not something different.

Here are a few steps to help you make the change you want.

Discover your Goal or Dream…

The first thing you need to do is to set a goal or decided what you really want.

Is it to lose weight?

Is it to get control of your money?

Is it to go on a dream vacation?

Is it to buy a house for your family?

If you don’t have a goal in mind, you can’t reach it.

You need a goal or dream to get started on making a change.

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Make a Plan

Once you know what you are working towards, it’s time to plan the steps to make it happen.

It doesn’t have to be a complete plan, just the first few steps, you can figure out the rest as you go along.

Be sure to make it as detailed as you can with as many steps as you know you’ll need. You can always revise it as needed.

Take Action

You can have a dream or a goal. And a plan but if you don’t take any action, you’ll never reach it.

Now is the time to plan what you’ll do, how you’ll do it, and what help you might need.

If you need help to make a plan or to keep you motivated find help. It could be a professional or maybe a friend or relative that could help.

There is one more thing you need to do to make sure your change can be lasting. This is something that may be the hardest to do too.

Know Your Why

I really hate that saying know your why. It doesn’t even encompass how important this step is.

When you know why the change you are making is important to you, that can make the biggest difference in you truly changing or not.

It has to be something you really care about, something internal, something big, or it won’t be enough for you to keep going.

Because there will be times when you want to give up and be done with this goal or dream. You have to know concretely why you need to accomplish it and what the benefits will be once you achieve it.

That is your why.

When you have a strong compelling reason to make a change, something deep in the core of your life. You may fail but you will keep going.

Because when you have a strong why, there is no failure that will hold you back or make you quit.

Finally Keep Going

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Even if you are making slow or seemingly no progress. Don’t give up. As soon as you give up, you are done. But even if your forward movement towards your goal is stagnant, change can still be happening.

You may work through something right where you are and once you are ready, you can move forward again.

If you quit the change cannot happen. Just keep going.

If you truly want things to change, then you have to change yourself.

It can be a long and trying to process but the key is to keep trying and to not give up.


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A few resources to help you make a change…

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