How to Stop Spending Money, You Don’t Have

You’ve been trying so hard to make a budget and stick to it. You know you need too. You are tried of living paycheck to paycheck but each month you are spending more than you make. 

It’s a vicious cycle and you know you need to change. You need to know how to stop spending money, you don’t have. 

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 Each Month…

You make a budget. You plan everything out but then you go out to the store. And you spend a lot more, then you were planning on.

You ask yourself “Why can’t I stop spending money?

Why does this keep happening, over and over? You need a better solution, a solution to your overspending. But what change do you need to make? 

And that is what today’s podcast is all about. The one change you need to make to stop overspending and finally stay on budget. 

And reach your financial goals. 

If you are someone who has tried so many times to stay on budget but month after month you are overspending, this podcast is for you.

Listen now or read more below…

1 change to stop overspending.

How to Stop Spending Money

A few key points from the podcast…

You Need a Budget

If you don’t have a budget, you need to make one. (But this is not the one change you must make.)

You need to make a budget and follow it each month. And I don’t mean plan a budget and then don’t look at it until the month is over. When it’s too late to get back on track. 

I know because that is how I used to budget. Set a budget, then go about the month until we got to the end and then realize. We’d overspent. Not a good plan at all.

breaking the cycle of wanting too much.

How Do You Resist Spending Money?

You need to stop spending more than you make to become truly financially stable. 

This is what the podcast is all about. How to stop overspending for good. It’s no different from any other habit, like overeating, or drinking too much. 

And when I was a person who would chronically overspend, I tried so many things. Good ideas to control my spending but only one change made a difference and what a big difference it made too. 

It changed our whole lives. 

You need to be more mindful of your spending and not just aimlessly put items into your cart when you shop.

You need to keep “wants” in the wants category and not move them into the “needs” category.

You need to change how you pay for things. It makes a difference.  (This is the one change you need to make to get you on the right track.)

A resource that can help…

Printable Cash Envelope System (learn how to set the system up and how to get your own printable envelopes for free)

I know this is the one change we made in our lives that made all the difference in the world. And I believe it can help you too. If you give it a chance and make the change. 

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