How to Maximize your Time in the Day In 4 Simple Steps

Time, we all have the same amount, but why is it that others can get more done? Is it their ability to focus? Maybe. Is it their ability to multi-task? Probably not. In today’s podcast, I’m sharing how to maximize your time in the day. 

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How to Maximize your Time in the Day

Some days you can get a lot done and other days it seems like the day speeds by and nothing gets accomplished. 

While it’s good to have down days and do virtually nothing to refresh, most of us have things that need to get done. And we have to use our time wisely. 

That’s what you’ll find in this podcast. How to use the time you have well, so you can have more free time in your day. 

Or at least time to do something fun. Instead of feeling like you are running from one task to another from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night. 

Show Notes…

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Time in the Day, Get the Most Out of It

These tips below have helped to get my day on track, help me do more and get more free time in my day for the fun things in life. I’m hoping they can help you too. 

You might have heard people say how do I get more time in a day? Like somehow you could stretch the day to be a bit longer to get everything done. 

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Or maybe they’d say, How do I get more free time? More time to spend doing things they love to do instead of doing things they have to do. 

But what if you could get the important things done and have free time to do the fun things too? Wouldn’t that be great? But you’ll have to make a plan for it to work. 

1. Write it ALL down

Before you can maximize your time, you need to organize your tasks. 

If you let things come, get it done and more onto the next thing you’ll be running from task to task but maybe never get to the important tasks. 

2. Sort Your Ideas

Now that you have all those ideas of what needs to get done written. You can sigh a sigh of relief. 

And begin sorting them. Start by identifying the tasks that are most important to do. Things that need to get done by you or else it would be a problem. 

Everything can’t be the most important because when that happens nothing is important. Pick what absolutely needs to be done this week. And that you have to do. 

3. Make Your Plan

Now you know what’s most important. It’s time to make time for those things. 

Take out your weekly planner and mark out any appointments you have scheduled. Then add your most important, must do tasks for this week. 

But what if you have more tasks left on your list, but not enough time to get them done?

4. Delegate or Drop Less Important Tasks

Now comes the harder part to delegate those less important task to others in the family or just drop them from the schedule for this week. 

And finally, add the tasks for others to do to a list and ask for help from your family.

So there is the secret to maximizing the time in your day. It comes down to making important things a priority and making the time to do them. And then letting other things go. 

If free time is important to you, be sure to schedule it in. I know it may seem weird at first, but you’ll be happier for doing it. We all need downtime to recharge.

Making a plan each week can the make the difference in having time for what you really want to do and just letting it slip away. 

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