4 Weeks To a More Organized Home…Assignment 10

Today was the tenth day in the 4 weeks to a more organized home. So the assignment today was to clean all the light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Here is how the day went.

I made my list today of what I wanted to get done. I started to clean the light in our basement and thought that I would go ahead and vacuum and dust each room as  I did the lights. Well about 40 minutes later I was done with only the basement. I really got into cleaning and really cleaned our family room well.

I did get all the lights done along with our ceiling fans. I also got all my vacuuming and dusting done too. Most of the lights were not too bad, as I try to clean them about once a month at least.

Besides cleaning the light fixtures today. I decided to wash all the sheets on the beds and do my usual vacuum and dusting. I also helped the kids give both dogs a bath. All of this combined together took up our morning and a little time after lunch. We did get our homeschool work done too.

I was hoping to work some on the garden and on my blog more, but I just ran out of time. I just put too much on my to do list for today. I also did not get 7 things set aside today. I may be able to get to that tomorrow. But I am really please that the family room is organized and clean.

Can’t wait until Monday to see what is next.


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  1. I did the same thing last week too, on the day that we were supposed to clean the baseboards. I thought that I might as well vacuum and dust everything while I was at it, and 1 hour later, I had only done 2 levels. But at least they are nice and dust free 😉

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