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Everyday Deals Shopping Trip


I had not been shopping at Everyday Deals in over a week. I wanted to wait until Monday because I was told it is a good day to purchase produce. I was able to get a lot of produce yesterday.

My purchases

8 artichokes $2
2 Organic celery $.25 each
5 heads of lettuce $.25 each
6 ears of corn $1
2lb carrots $1
3 Bell Peppers red and yellow $1
3 Yellow Squash $.50
Strawberries $.79 each
2 boxes Granola Bars $1 each
2 boxes of Fruit Snacks $.50 each
3 Cans diced tomatoes $1

Total Spent $12.33

Other Items I did not purchase

Zucchini $1 for 6
Limes $1 for 10
Bagged Salad $.50 each
Coconut Milk $1 each 1/2 gallon
Gallon Milk $2.79
Sweet Potato Chips $.50 each
Hostess Donuts $1 each package
Cherry Tomatoes $.50 per package

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