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Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day

This weekend I went to our local National Cemetery. Both my grandpa from my dad’s side and my mom’s, my grandma, my uncle and my mom are all buried there. When we go to the Cemetery on the Memorial Day weekend it is a different experience than any other time of the year.

We usually just go and visit the graves we need to and then leave other times of the year but on Memorial Day weekend you need to follow a certain path through the cemetery. As we weave through the grounds on the road directed you start to realize just how many people sacrificed for our country.

Flags Up Really Close

Each flag placed represents one to two people who gave something for their country. The solider who fought in the war. The wife who stayed behind to look after things while her husband was away. The solider who served during times of peace and others during times of war. Each one sacrificing for their country.

As I stood in the sea of American flags I couldn’t help but think of these things. So as you go about your day today just take some time to remember those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Freedom isn’t free and there are many who willingly serve to keep us free.

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