Super Saving Saturday

This week I didn’t do too much shopping but I did spend enough money. I just went to Fred Meyer and Winco Foods this week. I am switching the day I will be going to Everyday Deals as the employees at Everyday Deals let me know that Mondays are a better day for produce now. So I will be going on Mondays in hopes of getting a better selection of produce to choose from. So I didn’t shop at Everyday deals or Franz bread this week.

Fred Meyer

My purchases

Raw Sunflower Seeds $3.70
2 Simple Truth Organic Soy Milk $2.50 each
Half-Gallon Milk $1.25 with in ad coupon
Lay’s potato chips $1.88 with in ad coupon
4 Chicken of the sea tuna $.59 each with in ad coupon
Cantaloupe $.25/lb $.83
2 Fred Meyer Applesauce $2.39 each Used $1/2 mailer coupon Paid $1.89 each
2 Fred Meyer Peanut Butter $1.50 each with in ad coupon
Fred Meyer Deluxe Ice Cream $2 each with in ad coupon
3 dozen Eggs $1.29 each
Bananas $.64/lb $.99

Total Paid $29.35

Winco Foods

I finally remembered to purchase some popcorn kernels. I had forgotten them at the store at least the last three times I shopped. I purchased the popcorn out of the bulk foods and put them into a bag. The bag stayed together just fine until I pick the bag of them up to place them in my shopping bag. Then the seam on the bottom of the plastic sack gave way and the popcorn just ran out all over the conveyor belt. The cashier was nice enough to re-weigh the bag after some spilled out and credit me the difference.

My purchases

2 10-lb Unbleached flour $3.97 each
Spectrum Coconut Oil $6.42
2 cans of Waterchestnuts $.54
3 Hillshire Lunchmeat $1.98 each
Root Beer Flavoring $5.15
Romaine Hearts $1.98
Bulk Flax Seed Meal $1.46/lb $.64
Bulk Mini Chocolate Chips $2.24/lb $1.70
Bulk Crispy Rice cereal $1.81/lb $.62
Bulk Wheat Germ $.89/lb $.40
Bulk Long Grain Rice $.52 $1.29
Chocolate Gummy Bears $3.22/lb $1.19
Bulk Popcorn $.80 $1.18
Raw Sunflower Seeds $1.38/lb $3.74
Bulk Almonds $4.49 $3.59
Bulk Swedish Fish $2.85/lb $1.37
Bulk Chocolate Chips $2.23/lb $2.79
Celery $.88/lb $1.07
2 Green Peppers $.48 each
3-lb Onions $1.38
2 Don Poncho Tortilla Chips $2.28 each
10-lb Potatoes $1.78 (best price I have seen in quite some time)

Total Spent $56.53

My total spent on groceries this week was $85.88 which is about $10 over budget for this week. I am glad I was under budget last week. That how our grocery budget seems to go under budget a few weeks and over budget one week.

How did you do on your grocery shopping. Did you stay within your budget?


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