Things I Love About Winter

Today I felt like sharing some things I love about winter. Here are just a few things that came to mind today,

Snowflakes quietly floating down to earth and slowly building up to a blanket of white.

Sitting in front of the warm wood stove on a cold winter night, watching the flickering of the flame.

Listening to my children with excitement in their voice as they proclaim “it’s snowing”.

The freshness of the air when there is a crisp winter wind blowing and the tingling of it on the skin.

The smell of stew wafting through the air of the house while it is bubbling away in the crock pot all day.

The brightness of the moon on a clear cold night.

The quietness of the world when it is blanketed with snow.

The crunching of the snow under your foot as you walk or as you roll the snow for a snowman.


What do you love about winter?


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