12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 14 Update

A healthier You for 2014

I’m following along with the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge at Money Saving Mom. I started the challenge in January to help keep me motivated to lose weight and help me establish some good healthy habits too. If you are just finding out about the challenge just jump right in and get started.

How the Challenge Works

Each month of the challenge will have an area to focus on, to help improve your health and mine. This is the first week of the month and so we have a new focus area.

By focusing on one area each month, it should give us time to really get it set as a habit. So it won’t end up being something we just do for one month. I’m hoping I will be able to continue the improvements for a long time.

April's Focus, Cutting Back on Sugar

April’s Focus Area

This month’s focus is on reducing sugar intake. This month will probably be the most challenging for me this whole year. After my son was born, I reduced my sweets to just once a week. The first week was awful. I craved sugar constantly and had to really fight it. Then slowly the second week I felt a little better. After about 3-4 weeks I was feeling more like myself.

So I know this challenge will be hard for me, especially the first week or two. But I know I felt better and by reducing my sugar intake I will be healthier.

I’m committing to reducing my sugar intake two days a week. I know it’s not much but I think if I can concentrate on a couple days a week, it will be more lasting for me.

My Progress for this week

This week I was able to stock up on fruits and vegetables. So I had quite a bit of snack foods that were low in sugar. I was able to limit my sugar for two days. It still was hard but I made it.

I also was able to get my exercising, fruits and vegetables and I was able to get 5 glasses of water in this week. So, not too bad at all.

How did you do this week? Are you committing to cutting back on sugar?



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