12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 20 Update

A healthier You for 2014

I’m following along with the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge at Money Saving Mom. I started the challenge in January to help keep me motivated to lose weight and help me establish some good healthy habits too. My weight hasn’t changed much but I am sticking to the changes I’ve made.

How the Challenge Works

Each month of the challenge will have an area to focus on, to help improve your health and mine. This month I’m working on getting more sleep and trying to keep up with the previous months challenges.

By focusing on one area each month, it should give us time to really get it set as a habit. So it won’t end up being something we just do for one month. I’m hoping I will be able to continue the improvements for a long time.

May's Focus Area, get more sleep, Frugal Family Home

May’s Focus Area

This month’s focus area will be on getting more sleep. If you are like me, sometimes you might find it hard to stick to a sleeping schedule. Some nights I get to bed on time, others it’s a late night, all leading to a poor sleep pattern for me. But this month is the time to change all of that and get on a regular sleep schedule.

My goal for this month will be to be in bed by 10:30 each night. That should ensure I get enough rest each night.

My Progress for this week

I didn’t do too well at all this week. There was 3 days that I just didn’t get to bed until 11pm. I was just up too late working on the computer. I had a few things that really needed to be done and so I got to bed too late. I was dragging a few days this week because of it. But I will be working on doing better this week.

I was able to keep up with my water drinking this week. Woo hoo! I’m finally making some progress on drinking enough water. I did eat my fruits and vegetables, got my exercise in but I ate too much sugar. Maybe that is also why I was dragging. My blood sugar crashing from too much sugar and lack or sleep. Or maybe the lack of sleep made me crave the sugar? Either way it was a bad combination. 🙁

How did you do this week? Did you get enough sleep?


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2 thoughts on “12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 20 Update”

  1. For the most part, I feel like I did get enough sleep this week. I am trying to wake up a bit earlier, though, so there were two days where I certainly didn’t jump right out of bed. I turned off my alarm clock and then s l o w l y woke up as I got ready for the day.

    It’s definitely hard not to turn off the computer at night. It’s the time of the day that the house is quiet and you feel like you can get things done, so I completely understand not getting to bed by 11pm.

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