12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 27

A healthier You for 2014

I’m following along with the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge at Money Saving Mom. I started the challenge in January to help keep me motivated to lose weight and help me establish some good healthy habits too.

How the Challenge Works

Each month of the challenge will have an area to focus on, to help improve your health and mine. This month’s focus will be on reading more.

I really like to read but can’t always find time in my day to read. The challenge for this month should help me get into the habit of finding time to read each week.

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My Goal for July’s Focus Area

I’m sure some of you read quite a bit, much more than myself. If you include all the reading I do, to learn new things on the internet, then I would say I read a lot. But if you are talking about sitting down with my Kindle or a book, that’s a little harder for me to find time to do.

Right now, I try to read one chapter a week in a book I’m working on. I usually have two or three books I’m reading at a time, so getting all the way through one book can take me a little while.

For this month, I’m going to set a goal of reading two chapters a week. I’m doubling my usual reading amount to give me more of a challenge and to help me really think about setting time aside to do some reading.

My Progress for this week

This past week, I was able to get one chapter read but not two. At least I kept up with my usual reading. I did get my exercising in each day, drank my water and ate my fruits and vegetables. I even did well on limiting sugar this week. So, even though I didn’t reach my goal of reading two chapters I did do well in the other areas I am working on.

What’s your weekly goal for reading?


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1 thought on “12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 27”

  1. I set goals to read a certain number of pages per week, and I’ve found that works for me. 🙂 I can’t just set a goal to “read book X” because I’ll probably never finish it. I’m finally to the point in my life where I’m reading books and finishing them on a regular basis. It’s taken me quite a while to finally get back to this place.

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