12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 38

A healthier You for 2014

I’m following along with theย 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge at Money Saving Mom. I started the challenge in January to help keep me motivated to lose weight and help me establish some good healthy habits too.

How the Challenge Works

Each month of the challenge will have an area to focus on, to help improve your health and mine. This month’s focus will be on decluttering your home.

I know I always feel better when my home is picked up and clean. When the house is cluttered it’s hard to relax. This month that’s what I’ll be working on each week.

My Goal for September’s Focus Area

This month is the month for decluttering. I decluttered my whole house last year. It was a task, but I was so glad when I had it all done. I’ve been able to keep my house fairly clutter free this past year but I noticed a few areas of the home that could use a little purging.

For this month, my goal will be to take 30-60 minutes each week to work on decluttering some areas of the home and purging items I’m not using. Come on and join in the challenge this month. What do you have to lose but a little clutter?

My Progress for this week

#12MonthstoaHealthierYou September Focus Area, Decluttering | Frugal Family Home

I remembered to get my decluttering done this week. I didn’t get to it until yesterday, but at least I got it done. This week I chose to declutter my son’s bedroom closet. What a mess it was!

I couldn’t believe how out of hand everything had gotten in his closet. He doesn’t even have that many clothes in there. We mainly use it to store extra toys, some gift wrapping items and a few office supplies.

It seems over the summer my kids had used quite a few of the empty boxes I store in the closet to do “projects”. But they left all of the box lids behind and those lids were everywhere.

My son's closet before and after the decluttering | Frugal Family Home

The kids helped me and we cleared out almost everything out of the closet first. Then it was time to decided what would be going back in and what needed to go. We ended up with a box of items to recycle. But now it looks so much better.

For my other goals, I was able to get my exercising done this week. I slacked off on my drinking of water a little this week. We ate lots of fruits and vegetables and I even kept my sugar consumption down too. I was tired this week so getting to be on time was easy too. It was a good week.

How did you all do on your decluttering? Did you get some stuff cleared out?ย 


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4 thoughts on “12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge, Week 38”

  1. I cleared out a little area near our front door where we keep our shoes and jackets. I have a basket for shoes and a basket for hats, gloves, umbrellas and such. I spent about 30 minutes throwing out worn shoes, setting aside other shoes for the donation pile, and putting some other things into their right place (somehow they made it down to the door area). Just that little bit of de-cluttering made a world of difference!

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