My Weight Journey Begins..Part 2


Last time I talked about my body weight ups and downs. I was feeling trapped in a body I did not like and just feeling hopeless of ever making any lasting changes. I had almost given up hope of ever making any real weight  changes until I was reading about my friend Sandra’s weight journey on her blog. I read about how she was having success losing weight and had gotten down to a size she had not been in since about 12 years before. Reading about her success this past year really got me to thinking about earnestly giving losing this extra weight a try.

So that is how I decided to add losing 40 pounds to my goals this year. I was just tired of not liking or recognizing this body I have. Now I know that making sweeping changes and trying to stick to them has not worked for me in the past. So I have decided it will be best for me to make a couple of changes each month stick with those and then add-on a few more the next month.

These small changes over a long period will be like Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball. I will have to call it my weight loss snowball. I will start with a few small changes, experience some success, add a few more changes and so the snowball effect. Small changes building into big ones. Just like getting out of debt, you pay towards the smallest debt and have the success of paying that small debt off and then working on the next. But with my fitness changes I will be adding two changes making them a habit and add more the next month and so on. After a few months of doing this my two little fitness changes will have multiplied into many changes.

So what do you think of my plan? I am hopeful it will not only work for the short-term but for the long-term too. That is the biggest battle is making the changes stick for the rest of my life. I may not reach my goal of 40 pound in one year  but I will be that much closer to my goal with each pound I lose.

So that brings me to this month’s fitness changes I am starting.

  • Every day 5 jumping jacks and 5 push ups (it is not much exercise but it is a start)
  • Monitor my eating stop when just full
These are my changes this month. Are you working on losing some weight? What changes are you making to get you closer to your goal this month?
I would love to have you share what your weight loss goals are and to have you check in with me each month so we can encourage each other. Be on the look out next week for an update on how these two changes worked for the month of January.

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