Budget Tip, Why I Splurge and You Should Too

Sticking to a budget is hard. The longer you have to do it, the harder it can be. Planning a splurge here and there along the way can help you find new momentum to stay the course and reach your financial goals.

Why I splurge to stay on budget and why you should too. A few tips with a video of how to splurge reasonably. | Frugal Family Home

Now when I say splurging, I’m not talking about going on an all out spending spree. It’s more like planning a fun activity that you haven’t been able to do recently.

Splurging reasonably is what I mean. It’s saving and planning for a fun activity that you have had to give up while you are reducing your debt. It might be going out to a movie instead of watching one from the library. Or maybe eating out dessert after having a nice frugal meal at home.

These little splurges help to reset your brain and renew your energy to stick to that budget. They help keep you from feeling deprived.

I know when I first started staying home, instead of shopping for entertainment, it was hard. I felt so deprived. My brain was used to the thrill of spending money, of shopping for entertainment. It took me a while but I adjusted and those cravings to shop, just aren’t there anymore.

Why I Splurge and You Should Too

Can’t see the video, try here.

Here’s the splurging tips, just in case you don’t want to watch the video.

Splurging Tip #1

Plan your splurges well. Really think long and hard about what you want to splurge on. What do you miss the most and how could you do that activity cheaply and still be happy. It also gives you something to look forward to, which can make all the difference in sticking to your budget.

Splurging Tip #2

Make it special. Invite family and friends to share in your splurge. If you will be eating out or going out invite others to join you and make some memories while you are enjoying your splurge. I’m sure those memories will last longer than the item you would purchase.

Splurging Tip #3

Splurge with cash. Using cash helps your brain to see you have really spent some money. It’s just not the same using a credit or debt card. So make sure to use cash when you splurge so you make the connection. Also if you use cash there is no way you can overdo your splurge and go over budget.

Splurges can keep you on track to your financial goals. What else could you add to splurging responsibly? I would love to have you add your thoughts in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “Budget Tip, Why I Splurge and You Should Too”

  1. Great tips! I especially agree with the one about using cash…I know that when I use cash, it hurts a lot more to spend it than when I use my debit card. It’s also a lot easier to see how much money you have left when you use cash rather than a card!

  2. Hi, I am stopping over from Frugal Friday Link Up Party! These are great tips! Love the tip about using cash when splurging. It keeps you in check with budget. Thanks for sharing!

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