What Does Dirty Dishes have to Do with Debt

Find out what dirty dishes have to do with debt. | Frugal Family Home

After reading that title you might be thinking, what is she talking about. Dirty dishes don’t have anything to do with debt. But they do, if they are stopping you from using your kitchen to the fullest for saving money. Eating out is so costly, compared to purchasing the same items at the store.

For our family of four to go out to dinner, it can easily cost $35 or more for a meal. That is almost half of our budgeted amount for groceries for the week. If my kitchen is cluttered with dirty dishes, stuff on the counter and is generally unorganized, I won’t be very motivated to cook and we will end up eating out more often. Which costs so much more than having a clean kitchen, that I love to cook in. Here’s a few things I do to keep my kitchen clean and ready for me to cook in.

Kitchen Clutter

When your kitchen is cluttered, you can’t get to what you need. In turn you get discouraged by the difficulty of getting dinner made and it seems just so much easier to eat out.

When the kitchen is organized and clutter free, the task of cooking is so much easier. There’s no digging for pots. You don’t have to wash a pan to use it. Everything is ready and waiting.

If you have a messy kitchen, take a little time each day to clear and organize one drawer or cupboard. Soon your kitchen will be clean, clutter free and organized. It will be an inviting place for you to be.

Keep your counters clutter free for easier cooking | Frugal Family Home

Keep Counters Clear

Cooking takes room. When the counters are clear of unneeded items you have the room you need to work. The space to make a great meal for your family, stress free. Before you even start to cook, be sure to clear the counters of items that shouldn’t be on the counters. It will make for a much more enjoyable cooking experience.

Keep the Kitchen Sink Clean

Your ready to cook and there it is, the sink. It’s full of dirty dishes. Some of those dishes you need to cook with. The more you think about the work that needs to be done, before you can even get started with cooking, the more discouraging it can be. Make a habit after each meal to have the whole family clear the table and do the dishes.

By having everyone help, the task is done more quickly. The kitchen is ready to go the for the next meal needing to be made. A clean kitchen sink is so much more inviting than a sink full of dirty dishes.

What is something that discourages you from cooking at home?


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7 thoughts on “What Does Dirty Dishes have to Do with Debt”

  1. A sink full of dirty dishes is definitely something that doesn’t make me feel like jumping in the kitchen and cooking a less-than-simple meal. Thanks to this post I was inspired to wash two pans I probably would’ve left for tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post. We have a tiny kitchen and even the smallest of things left out make it hard to be inspired. Trying to keep everything picked up is something I’m working on. With a family that is going in so many different directions sometimes cleaning is the last thing we think about.

  3. I am visiting from Frugal Friday Link up. YOU are very correct. It is hard to cook with a cluttered kitchen. Awesome post.

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