Frugal Photo Friday, Baking Bread and Shoe Mending

Frugal Photo Friday

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Each friday this month, I’m sharing a few photos of how I save money. Last week I talked about how coupons save my family money and repurposing old t-shirts into yarn to make rugs.

This past week we went shopping to get some new clothes for the kids and shoes for my husband. My husband saw some great slippers he liked but they were $20. He has some slippers but the stitching on the side had given way. Since I knew those same slippers, we saw at the store, are likely to be on sale in a few weeks for half price, we decided to wait on the slipper purchase.

When we arrived home I took a closer look at my husband’s slippers and decided I could just stitch them up so they will be usable for a while longer.

Make slippers last

I just used a curved needle and some rug thread to stitch the sole back onto the side of the slipper and they were as good as new. The rest of the slippers are in really good condition so maybe he won’t need new ones after all. I try to use my sewing skills to repair or repurpose as much as I can.

Yummy Honey Oat Bread

Another way I save money is by baking my own bread. We used to purchase our bread from the bread store on sale each week for $.80 a loaf. Since this was less than baking it at home I was saving money since it cost me a little under a $1 to make organic whole wheat and about $.50 a loaf for white bread. But recently they raised the sale price at the bread store Β to $1 a loaf.

Now a dollar a loaf is still a good buy considering the same loaf of bread at the grocery sells for over $3 a loaf. Since the price increase I have been making 5 loaves of bread at home most weeks. Not only does it make the house smell great and the bread is so good, it also helps to heat the house, since I leave the oven door open when I am done baking the bread. πŸ™‚

Those are my frugal tips for this week. I would love to have you share some ways you save money in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “Frugal Photo Friday, Baking Bread and Shoe Mending”

    1. The slippers are good as new for my husband, he said he really doesn’t need new ones but I think we will still get some when they go on sale. Yes, bread baking does make the house smell great. I have some bread in the oven right now. πŸ™‚

      1. Sue Banman Sileci

        I hang damp dishtowels over the oven door, leaving the door slightly ajar, after I’ve turned the oven off. They dry out quickly with little effort that way.

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