Frugal Photo Friday, Coupons and T-shirt Yarn

Frugal Photo Friday

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Last week I shared some photos about shopping outlet stores, stocking up on good deals and my price book. This week I’m sharing a few photos of a few more money-saving methods. My first photo today is something I use almost every time I shop.


Coupons are one of the ways I save my family money each year. From printable coupons to Sunday paper coupons when you use them wisely, you can really save. I like to pair a sale with a coupon and also a store coupon if I can to maximize my savings.

T-shirt Yarn

Another frugal habit I have developed is to re-use as much as possible. When my t-shirts get worn or stained. I cut them up into t-shirt yarn to make my own rugs. The rugs turn out nice and soft under your feet and something that might have been thrown away is turned into something useable again.

t-shirt yarn rug

The one above is a knitted rug but I have also crochet rugs with the yarn before too. I have made a few for relatives for gifts and they are always well received.

That’s the photos I have for this week’s Frugal Photo Friday. I would love to hear some ways you save money. Leave me a comment below to share your ideas.


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  1. How thick do you cut your shirt yarn and what size needles to you use to knit or crochet? Also I really like the rug!

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