T-Shirt Yarn Rug

I went to the thrift store to get some t-shirts to make yarn so I could make a t-shirt rug for a birthday present. I made the t-shirts into yarn for this project. I will  do a post soon about how to make yarn from a t-shirt just in case you want to make some yarn yourself. Here is a picture of the yarn I used.


I used a large crochet hook to make this rug. I have made a few of these type of rugs. I usually just do them free hand without a pattern. I started out by trying to write the pattern as I went but I ran out of time and just had to finish the project for the birthday present.

Here it is

I really like these rugs because the feel like a cushion under your feet. I did not do anything too fancy. I used single crochet on the sides and half double crochet to transition to the ends and double crochet stitches at the ends. At the start I went into both sides of the foundation chain.

I have one of these rugs for each of our bathrooms. I knitted the one for our downstairs bathroom and it has held up a little better than my crocheted bath mat I made for our other bathroom. This time instead of just tying the yarn ends together I actually sewed each end to the next. I am hoping this will help them hold up in the washer better.

So by using the t-shirts I got on my thrift store shopping trip and a little time I was able to make this rug. I like making gifts for people not to just save money, but to give something unique. Sometimes I will make food gifts, quilts, or a knitted or crocheted project.

Do you have a craft you love to do?


4 thoughts on “T-Shirt Yarn Rug”

  1. I love this idea, and I have a collection of t-shirts I’ve been saving for just this kind of craft! I’ll have to add it to my DIY list for this summer (though I think it will have to come after learning to crochet…).

    1. It turned out well. The recipient really liked it too. I think crocheting is easier to learn than knitting but it still takes time to get it down and remember the steps to each stitch. My daughter crochets and is learning to use a knook to knit.

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