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Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Christmas is approaching quickly and you might still have quite a few people to purchase gifts for. Now is the time to shop for a last minute gift.

Last Minute Gift Ideas ~ It hard to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts. It’s even harder when it’s a last minute gift. If you still have someone to buy for on your list, take a look at these last minute gifts everyone will love.

But sometimes it’s hard to figure out a gift for someone. So, I have you covered with a few last-minute gift ideas.

A Few Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Think Seasonal

This time of year you can get some really good deals on slippers, gloves, and hats. I know I can always use a new pair of slippers each year. Gloves and hats can get misplaced or lost.

Having an extra one or two can be really helpful. I like to purchase magic gloves. They are small enough for kids hands but stretch big enough to fit an adult. I know I usually can find them at around a dollar a pair.

Think Consumable

A consumable gift can be a real blessing. It doesn’t contribute to clutter in the home and most people have something consumable they like.

A consumable gift can be anything from a great specialty bottle of shampoo down to a sweet treat, like chocolates to eat. Lotions are also a great consumable gift to give since we all seem to need some during the winter months.

Think Homemade

A homemade gift doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can be something practical and simple. If you can sew, making something like a pot holder or apron for someone who cooks is an easy and inexpensive homemade gift. If you bake or cook, bake some cookies or make some candy as a special gift.

Think Practical

If you know someone who loves taking care of their car give them some car cleaning supplies. Things like a special car wax or a natural chamois can be a great gift.

For a person who cooks maybe a new set of bakeware or set of cute cookie cutters. Try to think of a gift that you know they will use but won’t necessarily purchase for themselves.

For someone who loves tea or hot chocolate, you can purchase a couple different specialty Teas or Cocoas. Add in a cute mug and some chocolate dipped spoons or a nice jar of honey and you have a great gift.

Last Minute Gift Ideas ~ It hard to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts. It’s even harder when it’s a last minute gift. If you still have someone to buy for on your list, take a look at these last minute gifts everyone will love.

Think Fun

For kids, it might be great to get them a bunch of little gifts, like novelty items and wrap them individually and place them in a big bag or box.

My kids love things like touchable bubbles, Stickers, little craft kits or science kits. Also, purchasing games that everyone in the family can play would be a great last-minute gift. My kids love to play games and often ask for a new one at Christmas. Games are often on sale this time of year.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? What is one of your favorite last minute gift ideas?



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5 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas”

      1. I don’t purchase them at Costco, Shelly, but maybe I should look into that if they’re actually cheaper there. I don’t ever pay attention to the gift cards there. Do you get a discount? I’ll be buying Portillos, Target, and Panera Bread gift cards for family.

  1. I got my husband some nice shaving cream and after-shave gel for his stocking this year. It was a nicer brand than I usually buy, and I know he will be able to use it instead of some silly shirt or knick-knack that he won’t care too much about.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas Shell!

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