Ways to Save Money, Stockpile

When I started shopping with coupons about 5 years ago, I found it was great to be able to get so many items for so little. It was so good,  I started to stock up on many non-perishable items, when I could get them for free or pennies.

Stockpiling to save money

You can really save money when you create a stockpile. A stockpile is items you store for later use. Ideally, you want to get the items for your stockpile on sale. By stocking up when prices are low you can keep from having to pay full price.

Most items I purchase will go on sale every 6-12 weeks. So when I stock up I only need to purchase what I can use until the next sale.

Sometimes if I find a really good deal and the use by date is a while out I will stock up beyond the 6-12 week supply if I have room to store the item.

How to Build Your Stockpile

The first step is to figure out how much you use of an item in 6-12 weeks time frame. Once you know how much you use in a regular sales cycle then you know how much to stock up on when you see a great sale.

I only add items I know we like to our stockpile. There’s no use in stocking up on something that is a good buy if it’s something we might not like.

Stock up on any items you use and that store well. I will also stock up on fresh items if they are a good buy. Like last year when I found organic sweet cherries on sale for just $.99 a pound. I bought a bunch, we ate some and the rest went into the freezer and we have been enjoying them this winter.

So, If you have freezer room and find a great buy, be sure to stock your freezer too.

Stockpile more than just groceries

Stockpile More Than Groceries

I find that stockpiling items other than groceries has saved us the most money. I know if I watch the sales and clip coupons, I can get toothpaste for free or for just a few pennies. The same goes for floss and toothbrushes.

Shampoo and conditioner are other items we stock up on. Whenever I find a good buy on brands we like, I will stock up. It’s so nice to be able to just grab another bottle out of the cupboard, instead of having to run out to the store to purchase more.

If you use paper products, be sure to grab those when you see them on sale. I also have a few cleaning products I use, so when I see them on sale, I will pick them up too. Although recently, I started using  e-cloths to clean and I’m using less chemical cleaners than I used to.

Don’t Go Crazy

I know when I first started shopping with coupons, I really overstocked. While I didn’t end up going over my budget, I ended up storing way too much. Soon I had items falling out of the storage bins in my closet. I ended up blessing our neighbors with lots of items.

Now I’m much more reasonable and just keep about a years worth of items on hand. So while it’s enticing to really stock up, don’t overdo it or go over budget to buy more than you really need.

Do you have a stockpile? What items are in yours?


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4 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money, Stockpile”

  1. I always have toiletries and paper products in my stockpile. Chocolate chips and grated cheese are always in the freezer. And I stock up on enough cream of chicken soup at Thanksgiving to get my through the year. Stockpiling this one product alone saves me at least $20!

  2. I have not really gotten in to couponing. When I tried I was not seeing the deals and I never had multiple coupons to help towards stockpiling. I think I just did not have the time needed to br good at it. I will try again though. I like that your stock pile is not too big but makes since for your family.

    1. I know when I first started couponing it took a lot longer than it does now for me. If you have older kids they can often help find the deals and clip the coupons. I purchase two papers for my family and I get some coupons from my parents since they don’t coupon. Be sure to check with neighbors, family and friends who subscribe to the paper. If they don’t coupon you might be able to get their coupon inserts too.

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