Cute Crochet Bunny, Easy Gift Idea

Cute Crochet Bunny Gift Idea

A few weeks ago I shared about the Bunny Brownie Truffles I made. They turned out really cute and are easy to make. Great for giving at Easter for those who love chocolate. But maybe you need a non-food gift. Here’s an easy crochet bunny that would look great not only in an Easter basket but would make a great gift any time of the year.

Crochet Bunny

I found the crochet pattern at Lion Brand Yarns. The minute I saw how cute it was I knew it would be a great Easter gift. The pattern is really easy. But you do need a stitch marker so you know when one row ends and when the next begins. Having a stitch marker makes it so much easier, so you don’t have to count stitches.

Cute Crochet Bunny Project for Easter

The ears for me were the biggest challenge because they start with only a few stitches and then you have to increase. I found it near impossible to add a stitch marker to the ears until I was at least half way through. The area is just too small. So I just counted my stitches as I worked on them.

Once I had all of my pieces stitched and stuffed. It was time to assembly the bunny. I used an embroidery needle and it worked great. I didn’t follow the pattern for the eyes. I opted to embroider the eyes on instead of using bead. I also added a cute little pink embroidered nose.

Great Easter Gift for Kids, Crochet Bunny Project

This project can easily be completed in a day or in a few evenings while watching television.¬†Here’s photos of each part of the bunny, it’s so much easier for me to learn if I have photos to look at.

Head Completed,

How the head should look once done and stuffed

Here’s how the body should look when done,

How the Body of the Bunny Should look once stuffed

The ears were the hardest part for me. It was just hard to get them started since they start at the tapered end and work up.

One completed ear and one in progress.

The cute little arms and feet,

The bunny arms completed

Legs for the crochet bunny

and finally the tail,

The bunny tail is a small ball

All of the pieces for the bunny start with a similar pattern. Once you have it down, the bunny can be completed fairly quickly. Once all the pieces are crocheted and stuffed, just sew all the pieces together.

How I sewed the bunny together

Then add the eyes, nose and mouth, I embroidered them.

Crochet Bunny with an Embroidered  Face

Crochet Decrease Stitch

If you have never done a decrease stitch before, I had to look it up in my book to remember how, here’s a video of how to do a single crochet decrease stitch. Which is used in the pattern.

Do you like to crochet?

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