DIY Peppermint Swirled Soap

Easy to make Valentine's day gift, Peppermint Swirled Soap

Do you need a great gift for your Valentine? This gift idea is an easy one to make and it won’t break the bank either. In fact you could make quite a few bars of this peppermint soap with one block of soap base.

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I like to purchase the shea butter soap base, if I’m not making the soap from scratch. It has a nice feel to it. I usually purchase my soap base from Michael’s and use a 40% off coupon, making the whole 2 pound block right around $6. Or try this one from Amazon (affiliate link) if you don’t have a Michael’s near by.

From the last 2 pound block of soap base we purchased, we made 2 bars of vanilla coffee soap, 2 soap on a rope bars and these 4 bars of peppermint soap too. We still have enough left for 2-3 more bars. So, not too bad for just $6 of soap base.

Because this soap is for Valentine’s day, I thought it would be nice to add a little color to the white soap. I purchased soap colorant.(affiliate link) But truth be told, if you are going to use the soap right away, a few drops of food coloring works good too. The food coloring just tends to fade in color over time.

Make the Peppermint Swirled Soap

Peppermint swirl soap starts with a soap base to make it easy to make.

Step 1 Cut up the soap base, cut the soap base into small chunks and place it in a bowl that can be microwaved.

Step 2 Melt the soap, Place the bowl in the microwave and microwave the soap chunks for 30 seconds. Then microwave at 10 second intervals, stirring occasionally until the soap is melted. If you don’t want to microwave the soap, you can melt it on low, in a pan on the stove. Just be sure to stir, so it doesn’t burn.

Start with a shea butter soap base to make this easy peppermint swirl soap.

Step 3 Add in the Fragrance, Once the soap is fully melted and there are no chunks remaining, stir in the fragrance. (affiliate link) The amount depends on how fragrant you want the soap. We usually put in about 6 drops. It’s not too strong that way. You can use essential oils or soap fragrance which ever you prefer. I have used both in the past.

Make your own soap with soap base a little coloring and scent. Peppermint Swirl Soap

Step 4 Pour into Mold, Pour your soap into the mold and quickly drop a few drops of soap colorant on top of the soap. This is the mold I use.(affiliate link)

Then use a toothpick to swirl the color in. I didn’t work quickly enough and it didn’t mix in as well as I would have liked. But that is alright. Just work more quickly and you can get a better swirl than me.

Step 5 Curing the Soap, Let the soap sit without touching it, until it’s cured. Mine took about an hour but it all depends on the size of your mold. The bigger the mold the longer it will take to set up.

Once it hardened, the soap will have pulled away from the side and should pop out of the mold.

Easy to make peppermint  soap.

That’s all there is to making your own homemade soap to give as Valentine’s Day gifts. These make a great gift for those who don’t like or can’t eat candy.

What do you look forward to making or getting around Valentine’s Day?



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10 thoughts on “DIY Peppermint Swirled Soap”

    1. Maria, I purchased the shea butter melt and pour soap base at Michaels. You should be able to find a similar soap base at your local craft store or you can order it from Amazon. I hope that helps.

  1. Hi Shelly – How many drops of essential oil did you use? I want to use my peppermint essential oil, but I don’t know how much is too much or too little. Last time I made soap, the recipe I used didn’t indicate and I made my soap scent too weak. Please let me know! Thanks (:

    1. Christina, We usually use 6 drops of fragrance oil. I’d start with that. Then see if you like the scent and adjust from there. I hope your soap turns out great!

  2. Do you have any recipes for a child, 5 years old with ADHD? Would this soap be okay for her? Do you know anything about color ants and ADHD? I’m trying to find something calming for her. Thanks! Linda God Bless

    1. Linda I’m not sure about this soap and ADHD. Have your tried a pure castile soap without coloring or perfume? Maybe that would be a good place to start. Sorry I don’t know about the subject of ADHD and colorants to help you more.

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