Easy Knit Pattern, Fingerless Gloves

This time of year having a great pair of gloves is really needed. But if you don’t have a pair of gloves that you can use a touchscreen with, then you end up taking them off and on just to answer an email or text. That’s why today’s easy gift idea is a good one for those who are always texting.

Quick and easy to make fingerless gloves. Make them in just one evening.

This pair of knitted gloves are quick to make. I can make a pair in a few hours. I’m much faster at knitting than crocheting. But these gloves are quick, even if you are new to knitting.

Fingerless glove pattern that is easy to knit quickly.

I like to use two colors, when making these gloves. I use one color for the cuff and another color for the main body of the glove. I think it makes them a little more elegant than just having them one color. But if you don’t want to purchase two skeins of yarn, you can make them all one color too.

Easy fingerless gloves pattern that is knit flat.

To make these gloves, the stitches you’ll need to know how to do are the knit and purl stitches, along with how to increase. If you can do all three of those things, you are set. When you start to form the thumb hole there is a few stitches you have to put onto a stitch holders. It’s not hard at all but I’ve made a video to show how it’s done. Sometimes it’s easier to see how to do something rather than read about it.

Once the gloves are completed, they are sewed up at the side and between the thumb and finger holes. Then gloves are done. I was thinking after I completed this pair it might be nice to make the ribbing around the thumb and fingers the same color as the cuff. I wish I would have thought of it before I finished this pair. Oh well, maybe next time. I’m sure I’ll be making another pair.

Knit a pair of fingerless gloves in just one evening. These make a great Christmas gift too.

I found the pattern online, a while back, but the directions weren’t quite right. Because when I followed them the gloves didn’t turn out right. So, I’m sharing, the corrected pattern below.

Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves

This pattern fits an average size hand well and I think would stretch just fine for a larger hand too. But if you need a smaller size you might cast on 4 less stitches to start. I think that would adjust the size down small enough for a smaller hand.

Notes: you will need a small amount of yarn in a separate ball to complete the thumb. Be sure to remove some yarn from the skein before starting the project. I used two colors of yarn for my project, one color for the cuff and one for the main part of the glove. But the gloves can be made with all one color if desired.

Cast on 36 stitches on straight or circular needles size 6 using worsted weight yarn.

Knit in the K2P2 pattern until the piece measures 3 inches

Next row, is all knitted with 4 increase stitches evenly spread out over the row. (40 stitches)
Purl One Row
Knit One Row
Purl One Row

Now to start the thumb increase

Knit 18 stitches, increase in the next stitch, knit 2, then increase again, knit last 18 stitches (42 stitches)
Purl One Row
Knit One Row
Purl One Row

Knit 18 stitches, increase in the next stitch, knit 4, increase in the next stitch, knit last 18 stitches (44 stitches)
Purl One Row
Knit One Row
Purl One Row

Knit 18 stitches, increase in the next stitch, knit 6, increase in the next stitch, knit last 18 stitches (46 stitches)
Purl One Row
Knit One Row
Purl One Row

Knit 18 stitches, increase in the next stitch, knit 8, increase in the next stitch, knit last 18 stitches (48 stitches)
Purl One Row
Knit One Row
Purl One Row

Time to work the thumb

Knit 18 stitches and place them on a holder, Knit the next 12 stitches and leave them on the needle. Knit 18 stitches and put them on a second holder. Leave the yarn attached to the second holder.

Pick up your small ball of yarn you made before starting the project and use it to complete the thumb.

Purl One Row
Knit One Row
K2P2 Ribbing for 4 Rows
Cast Off

Pick up the 18 stitches with the yarn still attached.

Purl One Row
Knit One Row
K2P2 Ribbing for 4 Rows
Cast Off

Repeat the same sequence of rows above for the second set of 18 stitches.

Fold, wrong side together and stitch the side and thumb to finger area closed. Weave in ends.


What is your favorite way to create? Do you love to knit, crochet, paint, draw, quilt or something else? I would love to hear what crafts you love to do in the comments below.


25 thoughts on “Easy Knit Pattern, Fingerless Gloves”

  1. Those gloves are so cute. 🙂 I’d definitely wear them while at the computer and around the house.

    As for creating, I enjoy making food and DIY recipes. I wish I had more time to do this “stress free” but I know that time will come as my kids get older. For now, I do what I can, and we mainly stick with simple dishes and DIY products that I can handle. Oh, and I enjoy writing, too! Someday, if the Lord wills, I’ll have more time to put into that!

  2. Hi Shelley,

    I tried your knitting pattern out and I absolutely love the idea..
    I made a few adjustments, though, to the thumb section I added two more rows then the ribbing. The the two side 18sts I knitted 10 rows which takes it down to the knuckles.
    I prefer them a bit longer. Since seeing your pattern on Thursday, I have knitted 3 pairs and plan to knit a few more.
    Another thing I was wondering, if one could perhaps put a pattern of some sorts on the glove, but haven’t tried it yet.

    All the best,

    1. Charmaine, great job on getting so many knitted so quickly. I love to make this pattern and I’m glad you found a way to make the gloves just right for you. 🙂 I’m sure you could add a pattern on them if you would like. ~Shelly

      1. Hello sweetie Shelly
        Many thanks for free gloves Pattern n watched video.
        I like always knitting or crochet love pattern or video, for easy more understanding read for deaf.
        I will you give anytime helping for me Knitting or easy English words.
        I have 2 granddaughter’s

        Many thanks
        Lucille 👍🏻👌🏻

  3. Hi Charmaine,
    I’ve been looking for an glove knitted on 2 needles my granddaughter has requested a pair she is only 5 years old, could you tell me how many stitches I would have to reduce this pattern by in order for them to fit.
    I would be grateful for any help you could give me.
    Many thanks,

    1. Sue, On the gloves that I made the guage is 4 stiches per inch. The completed cuff measures 3.5 inches wide on one side and 7 inches when flat and not sewn up. The palm measures 5 inches wide or 10 inches when layed flat and from the top of the cuff to the bind off for the thumb is 3 inches. If you make a guage swatch with the yarn you’ll be using and the size 2 needles you’ll get your stiches per inch. Then measure your granddaughters wrist. Once you have your stitches per inch and your granddaughter’s wrist measurement you can figure out how many stiches needed. Here’s an example, your grandaughter’s wrist is 4 inches, your stiches per inch are 5 stiches per inch. That would mean you would cast on 20 stiches to have the 4 inches needed for your grandaughter’s wrist.

      Then you could go from there and adjust the other stitches as you knit along. Be sure to watch when you are increasing for the thumb instead of 3 rounds you may only need two because the length from the cuff to the thumb crotch will be less on your granddaughter. But I think that will get you to about the right size. Let me know how it goes. If you would be willing to share your adjustments to the pattern I can add them to the article so others would be able to make a smaller size too.

      I hope this helps, Shelly

      1. Hi Charmaine,
        I was reading the your reply to Sue about the gauge swatch. Did you do the swatch on size 2 needles as you mentioned in the Sue’s reply?
        Just a bit confused as pattern is in size 6 needles.
        Can’t wait to make these, they look just perfect. Thank you very much for the pattern.

  4. Hi Charmaine
    I have been searching for the perfect fingerless gloves and this seems to be it! Thanks so much for sharing! One question, I live in South Africa so would like to know if your size six used here is the U.S. Size six or the UK size six?

  5. Hi Shelly
    I’m going to try these gloves today. My niece loves fingerless gloves and that is all she wants from me at Christmas. Wish me luck I am almost out of time but you said they were quick.
    As for creating, I love to craft greeting cards, knit and crochet. Thank you for the pattern.

  6. I’ve been looking for a pattern for these. However, I want to make mine out of baby or sports yarn. Do you think it would work with this pattern if I increase my cast on stitches by 12 and then have 23 in place of 18 and then 14 in place of 12. Or should I divide them another way. Or will it work at all? Thanks for your help.

    1. Joyce, I haven’t tried this pattern with baby or sports yarn, so I’m not sure. My hand is a little on the small side and the original pattern is a little lose. So if you don’t knit too tight the increase in stitches may work. I’m really can’t say since I haven’t tried it before. If you give it a try, let me know how they turn out so I can add the information here for others. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  7. Hi shelly thanks for sharing this simple and easyway of knitting mittens. I tried with 3 US needle. I reduce some stictches in wrist like 2inch only i knitted. I increase some stiches in thump it came out really well and my son very happy. Im started knitting for my daughter to. Thanks again.

    1. So glad you liked the pattern and it turned out well with the adjustments. Thanks for sharing the adjustments you made. I’m sure it will be helpful for others.

  8. Thanks just looked over the pattern . Can’t wait to make a pair. Do you have a pattern for a convertible fingerless to to a mitten? Maybe there is a way to add to this pattern.

    1. Mary, I don’t have a pattern for convertible fingerless gloves to a mitten. But while wearing mine the other day, I thought it would be nice. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    2. If you know how to knit socks you could make just the bottom portion (mid arch to toe section) separately with a single buttonhole on one side and stitch bottom half only on the underside of the glove. Sew on a bottom on top for closure. I’ve since lost my pattern but made many like this for my friend and daughter 10 years ago.

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