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How to make ladybug rocks. A great kids craft | Frugal Family Home

My kids love to paint. Painting is one thing that can keep my little boy still, which is really hard for him to do, most of the time. But there is just something about painting that helps him to settle down and concentrate. Last week, he worked on painting his clothespin airplane. That kept him busy for a while, so this week we made a few ladybug rocks to decorate the yard.

Fun kids project, ladybug rocks |


When I ways young, my cousin and myself made some of these cute ladybug rocks. My cousin loved to create and always had something fun for us to do, when we would get together. These ladybug rocks are an easy craft even for the little ones.

The perfect rocks for ladybug rocks | Frugal Family Home

Since we have lots of river rock in our yard, my kids were able to find just the perfect rock to use for their ladybugs. It did take  a little while but they finally settle on just the perfect one.

Painting our ladybug rocks | Frugal Family Home

We used tempura paints on our ladybugs but if you want a paint that lasts longer, acrylic would be a better choice. We just went with what we had on hand. If you have some spray sealer that will be good to spray on the rocks to help them last longer too.

We started out by painting our rocks with the accent color we wanted. Once that main color was dry we painted the head black.

Kids Craft, Ladybug Rocks | Frugal Family Home

We made the dots on the back with a paintbrush dipped in the black paint and just touched it to the rock. With each new dot we dipped in the paint again to get a nice round shape. Then we painted a line down the middle of the ladybugs back.

Cute kids craft, Ladybugs rocks | Frugal Family Home

We also added googly eyes to our ladybugs. But if you don’t have any googly eyes you can just paint some on.

Cute little ladybug rocks for the kids to create | Frugal Family Home

The kid’s ladybug rocks turned out really quite cute. I hope your kids enjoy making this cute craft too.

What crafts do your kids love to do?



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