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Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip

I stopped at Grocery Outlet today since I did not get too much at Everyday deals. I was able to get a few things to stock up and a few we needed. There wasn’t any great deals though.

Here is what I got:

1 Strawberry Newtons $1.79
1 Club Crackers $1.69
1 Cheese Crackers $1.29
1 Pita Bites Crackers $.99
2 Hillshire Farm Ham $1.99 each
2 cans sliced peaches $.99 each
2 cans mixed fruit $.79 each

Since I was not able to get any great deals on fruit at Everyday deals. I decided to go with some canned fruit. If I got back to Everyday Deals later this week and find some deals on fruit and veggies then the canned fruit will just be in my stockpile for another time. If I can’t find any better deals on fruit and veggies we will just eat canned fruit and veggies this week.

Total amount spent on this shopping trip was $13.30



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