Super Saving Saturday

I really didn’t do any shopping today. My husband picked up our Zaycon chicken this morning and I spent about an hour and half processing our chicken. I will do a post about it soon. But I did do my big shopping trip to Winco on friday along with stopping at Safeway.

Here is my purchases at Safeway


2 Silk Soy Milk $2.79 on sale
Used $2/2 coupon
Used doubler $.50
Paid $1.54 each

Pantry Essentials Gallon Milk $1.99 with Just for U coupon

Bananas $.39/lb with Just for U coupon $.94

Grapes $1.68 (ouch, we are just tired of apples and Everyday Deals did not have any)

2 boxes Pantry Essentials Mac and Cheese $1

Total Spent $8.37


Winco Trip

I go to Winco Foods about once every 4-5 weeks. I purchase what I need to complete my meals I have planned for the next month and any staples we are running low on that are a good price.

Frozen Broccoli $1.08
Frozen Stir Fry Veggies $1.28
4 Oscar Mayer Lunch meat $1.98 each (I usually purchase this at Grocery Outlet for $1.49 but we were out)
Nucoa Margarine $1.62
Corn Dogs $5.87 (my son requested these)
Ball Park Hot dogs $1.48
3 Armor Pepperoni $1.98 each
Cheddar Cheese 16 oz $2.76
Bulk Rice $.48/lb $1.08
Bulk Chocolate Chips $2.23/lb $9.39 (I did not realize I was getting so much, we are stocked up now)
Bulk Gummi Worms $1.88/lb $.83
Bulk Chili Powder $3.38/lb $.51
Bulk Raw Sunflower Seeds $1.38/lb $6.02
Ginger root $.98/lb $.25
Green Onion $.48
Bulk Cashew Pieces $7.04/lb(these were marked $6.98 but rang up wrong I did not catch it) $3.31
Garlic $.98
Sardines $.87 each
Lindsay Olives $.78 each
4 Tuna $.66 each
Flour Tortillas 30 ct $3.08
Tomato Soup $.58
3 Tomato Paste $.43 each
2 Water chestnuts $.49 each
2 Sugar 4lbs $2.27 each
4 Flour 5lbs $1.56 each (it is less expensive to buy 4 5lb bags instead of 2 10lb bags)
2 Calidad Chips $3.18 each
Potato Chips $1.72
Potatoes 10lb $2.38

Total Spent $86.80 

Earlier this week I went to Everyday Deals

Total Spent $11.80


Total Spent this week for our groceries was $106.97. So now my major shopping is done for this month. I will only need to stock up on any deals I find, get fresh fruits, vegetables and milk as we need it.

How did you do on your shopping this week?


Disclosure: The Zaycon Foods link in this post is my referral link.

8 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday”

    1. I usually do my grocery shopping in two trips a week usually on Mondays and Saturdays. Then I make one big shopping trip to Winco every 4-5 weeks. I only shop Walgreens and Rite Aid when they have a good deal I want to get. How often do you shop, once a week?

  1. Unfortunately the stores in our town have three different days of sale ads…I try to pick the best two and go but often do not go for two weeks. Depends on the deals. It took two different trips to buy 6/96c ears of fresh corn (limit 12 ears) , slicing tomatoes 33c lb and a pork tenderloin for $5. Worth my time considering both stores are less than a mile away. I had lettuce from the week earlier that I purchased for 33c head and cabbage for 33c lb from the week before. Otherwise I would have stayed home but I picked up a prescription on my way home on one of the days and we put more gas in the SUV on the other. Worth my time considering both stores are less than a mile away.

    1. Our town is the same, some sales start on Sunday and some on Tuesday. I end up going to Fred Meyer on Monday for sales items only, and Everyday Deals on Monday for the produce and other great priced items we need for the week. Then on Friday or Saturday, I go to Safeway for their deals and sometimes to Grocery Outlet if we are low on an item I purchase there. I do shop very occasionally on Sunday at Albertsons for there deals right after church (it is just down the street from our church) and Walgreens and Rite Aid before church. But I am so stocked up on most items from Rite Aid and Walgreens I don’t go there very often anymore.
      It is great you can go shopping just one every two weeks. I have done the two week shopping is the past, but recently since we have started eating more fresh fruits and veggies I end up going more often. Our stores are very close to us too. Two of the store I could walk to but if I find a great deal I don’t know if I could carry it all home. 🙂

    1. I split a 40lb box with a friend of mine so I got 20 pounds of chicken. I am not sure if Zaycon Foods is in your area. I know they have added many states just this year, so maybe soon.

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