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Super Saving Saturday, Cereal Stock Up

This week was a little hectic. I think it was because it was a short week with the holiday last weekend and I just had too much to do. I did get out to do a little shopping though.

I stocked up on cereal this week. We now have 19 boxes of cereal in the pantry. Most of those were purchased for $1 a box or less. I like to stockpile when I can find a good deal on cereal. I just can’t bring myself to pay $4 a box, when the cereal isn’t on sale or I don’t have coupons. I try to stock up when I can get it for around $1 a box.

This week, my first stop was at Everyday Deals Extreme Discount. I found a deal on cereal for just $.50 a box and they still had some of the mini Oreo cookies that my family loves.

Everyday Deals Extreme Discount Purchases

2 boxes Mini Oreo Cookies $1.59
Olive Oil $1
4 heads of Lettuce $.25 each
4 boxes Cereal $.50 each
4 Cucumbers $.25 each
Cheese and Crackers $1

Total Spent $9.18

I also went shopping with my dad at Winco Foods. We picked up groceries for his house and mine. I only needed a few things and I had a few coupons to use too.

The deals I found at Winco this week.

Winco Foods Purchases

4 boxes of Cereal $2.48 to $3.98, used 2 B1G1 free coupons $1.78 each
Black Forest Ham $5.15
Vlasic Relish $.96
2 Vlasic Pickles $1.78 each, used $1/2 coupon, Paid $1.28 each
Ritz Crackers $1.65 each
Roma Tomatoes $.88/lb
Bananas $.52/lb
Grapes $1.98/lb
Pretzels $1.88
Vinegar $1.78
5 dozen Eggs $8.28

Total Spent $36.23

I also stopped by the local bread store. I was sadden to hear they will be moving sometime in the future. I love having the convenience of the bread store so close, but we do have one on the way home from church too. I picked up my usual 5 loaves of organic whole wheat bread for $5.

That brings my total spending for this week to $50.41.

What great deals did you find this week?



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5 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday, Cereal Stock Up”

  1. I’m with you. Having a stockpile is one of my greatest sources of savings! In fact, I was just telling my husband that last night. Great find on the cereal…and I’m glad you’ll still have a bread store relatively close.

  2. great site!
    I wish there was a bread store where I live and an Every Day Deals store. But we do have a Winco. I’m trying to follow you on Instagram but having difficulties. Will keep trying. Love you on Pinterest.

    1. I know I love having Everyday Deals and the bread store close by. Winco is good too though. I’m sorry you are having trouble following me on Instagram. I wonder why? hmmm. ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for following on Pinterest. ๐Ÿ™‚

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