Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Organic Grapes

This week I almost didn’t stop to shop at my favorite local discount grocery store. But I’m so glad I did stop. I found a great deal on organic grapes, at just $.49/lb. We were almost out of grapes, so it was nice to find this great buy.

I also stopped by Fred Meyer and picked up a few staples we were low on, along with some ground beef to make hamburgers for lunch. My son just loves hamburgers and I figured making them at home would be better than grabbing a burger at the drive through.

As you read what I purchased, you might be surprised to find I purchased 10 pounds of diced onions for $1. Now you might wonder what I would do with that much. I put 14 cups of the diced onions into the freezer for future dishes. The rest went into my dehydrator. I’ll use the dehydrated onions for soups and casseroles, as well as making my own onion powder. I love that the onions were diced and ready to use. Saved me a bunch of time.


My frugal finds at Fred Meyer this week.


Fred Meyer Purchases

Ham $1.99/lb
Ground Beef $3.79/lb
Broccoli $1.49/lb
Bananas $.69/lb
Sunflower Seed Butter $5.49
Hamburger Buns $1.25
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce $.79 each with in ad coupon
Cottage Cheese $2
Mom’s Best Cereal $1.50
Celery $.79/lb
2 Bob’s Red Mill Soy Flour $1.29 each on mark down

Total Spend $54.38




Everyday Deals Extreme Discount

2 five-pound bags of diced onions $.50 each
Asparagus $.99/lb
Tomatoes $.79
4 Romaine Lettuce $.25 each
Cabbage $.39/lb
Organic Grapes $.49/lb

Total Spent $6.89

That brings my total for this week to $61.27. I purchased the ham for our Christmas dinner and I’m hoping to cook the ham bone to make broth for soup. My stock of soup kits has really dwindled in our freezer. I need to restock my stock. 🙂


What was your best deal while shopping this week?


5 thoughts on “Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Organic Grapes”

  1. Wow! What a great deal on diced onions! That saves you SO much time! I don’t have a dehydrator (yet) but would have snatched up the onions and frozen them. My best deal this week was on 4 pound bags of sugar for $0.99. I bought 4 today and will head back before the sale is over to use my coupons to buy more.

    1. Kristen, that is such a good deal on sugar. I wish it was that cheap here. I purchased some sugar for my candy making and the best price I could find was $1.88 for a 4 pound bag.

      The diced onions were such a great deal. I used some for dinner that night and now I’m stocked up on onions in the freezer and I have dried onions for soup and mixes too. I highly recommend an Excaliber dehydrator when you get one. It works really well.

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