21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge, Day 2


Making a Christmas Budget

The focus of Day 2 of the Simple Christmas Challenge is Christmas budgeting. I know most of you might be thinking a budget will only limit me. I used to think the same thing, when I didn’t budget at all. But a budget can be a good thing, a great thing. When you have a limited amount to spend, you tend to be more intentional with your gift purchases.

I budget for Christmas by  putting a little bit of money each month into our cash envelope for gifts. So when it comes to Christmas shopping I know just how much I have to spend. I also budget a little extra for our online spending since I purchase so many gifts online this time of year when I see a good deal.

I try to earn Swagbucks throughout the year to help pay for gift purchases at Amazon. If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks (my referral link) before you really need to sign up (it’s free) and start earning. It’s a great way to earn Amazon gift cards and other gift cards. All you do is search using their search and you can earn swagbucks to use towards rewards.

I find that when I am making our budget each year for Christmas it helps to write down each person I’m buying for and the amount I have to spend. Then I jot down a few gift ideas too. I have a free printable if you would like to download it to use for your own Christmas budget.

For our family once I have my Christmas budget made up I’m ready to shop. Our budget stays pretty much the same year to year. Sometimes we spend a little more, sometimes a little less but I always make a budget. I also like to budget for my holiday baking. I make lots of cookies and candy to give to the neighbors, friends and family.

So that’s how I budget for Christmas. What is your best advice for making a budget for your Christmas purchases?



If you want to follow along with the challenge, you will need Crystal’s ebook, Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas which you can sign up to get it for free, here.

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