21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge, Day 3


Day 3 of the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge, The Christmas List

Today’s challenge was to read chapter two of Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas. This chapter was all about making a Christmas list. I made my Christmas list a month ago. I usually start in October but I was a little late this year. We don’t have a very extensive list of people we purchase for so it’s always a fairly short list.

Here’s our Christmas list,

We purchase gifts for our immediate family.

For my extended family, we draw names and purchase for one person each.

For my husband’s extended family, we purchase gifts for his parents and I send some homemade candy and cookies to his sister’s family, along with a card.

For our friends and neighbors, I bake a bunch of cookies and candy and make a Christmas plate for each of them.

That’s our Christmas list for this year. Have you already made up your Christmas list? Is it a short list or a more extensive one?


If you haven’t grabbed a free copy of Crystal’s book, head over here to sign up for it. If you need to make up your Christmas list, I have a free printable you can download.

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