4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer..Day 7 Brown Bag Burritos

Today’s freezer cooking is Brown Bag Burritos. I am following along with Money Saving Mom’s 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer.  If you have not done freezer cooking before this recipe is a great one to start with.

I am glad to be making these as we only have a few left in the freezer and we eat burritos often. I really like this recipe as it is easy and quick to make.

Here is what I did

I soaked some pinto beans and made my own refried beans. I had not done this is in a while, but now I have some cooked pinto beans in the freezer along with some refried beans too. If you don’t want to soak and cook your own refried beans the canned ones they work just as well.

I made up my enchilada sauce first and put it aside. Then I browned up my hamburger and drained the fat off. I put the browned hamburger, the refried beans and enchilada sauce into a bowl along with the dried onion, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, oregano and water. I did not add any cheese to ours because of my family’s milk allergy. I mixed it all up in the bowl and then realized I was supposed to cook it for 20 minutes. So back out of the bowl and into a pan. I simmer the filling for about 20 minutes. It smelled really good.

Filling the Tortillas

After the filling was ready I heated the tortillas a little in the microwave just to make them more pliable. I tried to measure filling equally and placed it on each tortilla. I did not have a cookie scoop to measure with so I did my best to keep the filling the same in each one.

Then I just tucked in the sides and rolled it up.

I did not follow the directions for packaging these that was on the recipe. Since we will be eating these at home I packaged them in groups of 5 wrapped them in plastic and sealed in my Food Saver bags.

Now I have 4 lunches of burritos for our family along with 5 bags of cooked pinto beans and 4 bags of refried beans in the freezer. I really hate paying so much for pinto beans in a can so having some in the freezer ready to go is really nice.

If you would like to see my cost comparison for homemade burritos cost compared to store-bought you can go here.

Freezer Cooking For Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s freezer cooking will Pizza Pockets. We all really like pizza and I have made the pizza pockets in the past and they were a big hit with my family.

Have you ever made Burritos for the freezer before?


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer..Day 7 Brown Bag Burritos”

  1. I’ve made the breakfast burritos that Crystal has on her site many times. They are very handy to pack in my husband’s lunch bag (he leaves for work so early in the morning that he usually eats breakfast and lunch at work). I haven’t made regular burritos before, so I’m anxious to see how they taste 🙂

    1. I have made the Brown Bag Burritos before and we liked them. I have not tried the breakfast burritos so I will have to give them a try.

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